Choosing a Good Color Pencil for Coloring

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Choosing a Good Color Pencil for Coloring



Just like choosing other stationery, choosing colored pencils is not so easy.

Color pencil is one of the most widely used coloring tools. Not only is it easy to use, it can produce extraordinary results if it is used correctly. However, to get a good work, of course it must be supported by good tools.


This also applies to the use of color pencils. Before buying one, there are a number of things that you need to consider. Not only good quality, but there are other things that you should consider such as the comfort when using these colored pencils. There are many brands of color pencils on the market that also have many variations and shapes.


What are the things you need to consider before buying color pencils?


The first thing you need to consider before buying a color pencil is the type. Common types of color pencils are classic color pencils, water colors, pastels, and so on.



Classic colored pencils are ordinary colored pencils that only need to be scratched on the image on the paper. These are the colored pencils that are most often found in various stationery stores and are commonly used. The use of these pencils are fairly easy and common, so that this type is most widely used by all people from children to adults.


As the name implies, watercolor color pencil is a color pencil that will require water and brushes, and this color pencil acts like watercolors that can be used directly on paper. Giving this water is added after the image is filled in full color. Then brush at the top with a little water.


The color of the watercolor will look like the real watercolor. This type of color pencil is used by painters with aquarelle techniques. This is a technique by giving a thin wash of color using a brush.


The other type that you can find is pastel color pencil. This type of color pencil is similar to ordinary colored pencils, but more specifically used to provide details on pastel drawings.

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Other types of color pencils are not often used, such as color pencils made of chalk and the other that can be used to color on glass. These two types of pencils can be found at art supply or other specialty stores.



Next, what you need to consider when choosing color pencils for your needs is of course the brand itself. It’s no secret anymore, that a brand that have been widely known in a long time can produce quality products. So, don’t be lulled by the low prices offered, but it’s also important for you to know the brand of the color pencils you want to buy.


Good quality color pencils generally have sharp color pigments and are produced from a layer of a waxy paste. When used to make shading or graffiti, it will feel soft and not rough. In addition, quality color pencils are able to create gradation colors that are easier to control.


One of the good color pencil brands is Standard. Pascola Happy Color from Standard Pen is color pencil with 12, 24, 36, and 48 types of colors. It will give a bright color and is rich in pigments, equipped with soft pencil contents so it is very comfortable to apply to the image and sturdy and not easily broken.