Common Problems that Occurs with Your Pen

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Common Problems that Occurs with Your Pen


Every object will be damaged at a time.

Before it really can’t be used, these objects usually experience problems that are often referred to as symptoms of being damaged. This also applies to pens that are used every day.

In general, the part that is most often the symptom of damaged ballpoint pen is erratic of ink flow. If a ballpoint pen has poor quality of ink, then it would be damaged faster, and of course you have experienced a damaged pen, right?

In fact, a lot of ballpoint pens are damaged not in time because they are of poor quality. What are the common problems with pens? Check common problems that often occur on the ballpoint pen below:

Dry ink

This can be said to be the most common problem and usually occurs on pens that are not closed. Usually low-quality pens will experience this very often and of course it will be very annoying for its users. Many ballpoint brands, such as Standardpen appear with ink innovations that are more durable and not easy to dry, providing more convenience for its users.

Ink Leaks

There must be some of you who often experience this problem, suddenly ink comes out of the pen and soaks paper, hands and clothes. Of course this leaky ink problem can be a big problem when the ink about the clothes or pants cannot be cleaned.

This problem can be caused by several reasons such as the poor quality of ink refills, the small balls at the tip of the pen are damaged, exposed to high temperatures, and the ballpoint pen is shaken excessively. Therefore, ink leaks often occur when a ballpoint pen is left in the shirt bag then washed, or left in the place of excessive heat.

If the quality of the ink refill is not good, the ink used is usually too runny, even though the best is sticky and thick ink. If the small ball at the end of the pen is damaged, it will usually break and make the ink spill out of the pen.

Furthermore, if you are too tight to shake a ballpoint pen, the pen can fall off. For example a pen is stored in a pants pocket or thrown. If because of the high temperature, it can make the ink structure become liquid so it will easily come out of the pen.

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The StuckPen

Astuckpen can also be caused by dry ink. However, usually the ‘stuck’ ballpoint pen no longer has ink in it. You can see where to refill to make sure. The trick is to pull out the pen point and insert the needle into it. If there is absolutely no trace of ink at the end of the needle then the ink pen is run out.

But if the ballpoint pen is stuck because it fell from a high place, usually the ballpoint pen will no longer be used. So, you need to be careful not to randomly place the ballpoint pen in an inappropriate place.

Well, the above are some of the problems that usually occur with pens. These problems will often occur with poor quality pens.

But, you don’t have to worry! To avoid this problem, it is better to choose a proven pen that is good. Standardpen comes with a high-quality ballpoint pen with anti-stuck ink and is convenient to use. Standardpen has become the choice of many people because it is proven to have exceptional ink quality but can still be purchased anywhere. Standard has several types of pens with their respective advantages that you can use to work, school or activities to record various things anywhere.