StandardpenPhoto Competition Winners 2017

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StandardpenPhoto Competition Winners 2017


CONGRATS & THANK YOU. Creating a generation of literacy who loves to read and is good at writing is not an easy thing. Cooperation and support from many parties is needed. Through a photo contest themed ‘Indonesia Love Writing Movement‘, the portrait of Indonesian education from the west to the east are clearly illustrated. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all those who have contributed to the #standardpenphotocompetition2017. The best top 10 participants noted from Judge AgusSusantoAndiLubisare 1. Antonius Andre Tju, 2. BambangWirawan, 3. Edi Ismail, 4. F. Syria Wicaksana, 5. Lim NurImansyah, 6. Ikhsan Effendi, 7. MayrinoCandraBayu, 8. RafilTanjung, 9. Sarjono,and 10. Suharto. This photo competition has a theme that is specifically very interesting even though most photo competitions in Indonesia have more general and broad themes. Most photo competitions in Indonesia are more general and broad. Standardpen managed to focus on attracting photography activists to express their ideas and make it happen in the image of the Indonesian Love Writing Movement.The photos that took part, showed a wide area coverage of taking pituresin remote parts of the archipelago. Beginners with extraordinary enthusiasm to have better lives represented in the winner’s photo shoot.

The message is powerful; education must be a common concern for a better Indonesia. In the future, may this photo competition continue and become an annual tradition photography activists in Indonesia to hunt photos with this specific theme.

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