Tips for Choosing a Good Ballpoint for Work or School

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Tips for Choosing a Good Ballpoint for Work or School


Ballpoint pens are still widely used to write various things in books even though gadgets can now be found everywhere.

Ballpoint pen still plays an important role as a stationery for various purposes, either for notes, signing process, drawing, or even for just scribbling.

Various types and brands of ballpoint pens are found in the market. Although it seems trivial, having a consideration before buying a ballpoint pen, it turns out to necessity because each ballpoint pen has its own advantages and disadvantages. Even an official and other important people hastheir own ballpoint pen when they need it.

When faced with a variety of ballpoint pens at bookstores, for example, you will certainly consider many things, right? Here are some tips for choosing the best ballpoint pen for work or school.

By type

Ballpoint pens consist of several types such as ballpoint pens, gel ink pens, rollerballs, and pens. Ballpoints or thick ink pens are suitable for students and workers to take notes on paper. Likewise for rollerball. While the ballpoint pen with gel ink for special needs, for example writing a diary book because it requires good color.Pens are usually used for important activities such as signing contract letters, and other letters that need to be ratified.

Thick ink

The ink density for a ballpoint pen is one of the best values ​​to consider. Besides it producesa better writing, it also makes users comfortable. Then, with thick ballpoint ink, it means that the ink used is of high quality.You don’t need to press the ballpoint pen too hard, so it doesn’t make your hands sore fast.

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Not stuck frequently

The problem of stuck-ink pen is very annoying especially when used. If the ballpoint pen is often stuck, you have to spend more time fixing it. Try to scribble on various media, shake and so on. So it would be better to choose a ballpoint pen that rarely has this problem.

From its appearance

Ballpoint pen has many forms, from simple to luxurious. Each form of ballpoint pen can actually be adjusted to where you will use it. If it is for school and doing assignments you can choose any form, even the funny one. However to work better, use the simple one which is important to have a good ability.

Choose a brand that is well known

There are many brands of ballpoint pens, there are brands that only have one color, and there are also many colors. Then there are the different types of ink, also the shape.

One ballpoint pen brand that has all the criteria of a good ballpoint pen that has been mentioned above is Standard. Standard presents various types of quality ballpoint pens that have been trusted by the people of Indonesia.

Surely you often find this ballpoint pen in various places and often hear its name right? Until now, Standardbrand is still exist, even giving many innovations in stationery other than ballpoint pens. Everything has good quality that makes Standard products are much loved.