Types of Erasers and How to Choose the Best One

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Types of Erasers and How to Choose the Best One



Erasers are one of the stationery that is very important and must be owned by anyone.

Therefore, it will be very useful to erase various scribbled or wrong writing. Not only that, if it is used correctly, it can also delete images. And you know, actually there is a technique of making pictures with an eraser.

Eraser has several types based on the material. Even though it’s simple, you need to be able to choose the most appropriate eraser. Let’s find out how to choose an eraser based on type that is most appropriate for your needs by looking at the list below.

Rubber Eraser

Rubber erasers are the most widely used and sold in various bookstores. Erasers with this material can erase very well compared to the other types. Because of the elastic, this eraser is not easily damaged and durable.

Vinyl/Plastic Eraser

Plastic erasers are also very easy to find and are similar to rubber erasers. The difference is that this eraser has a soft texture so it breaks easily. But to remove a pencil does not need to be pressed too hard.

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Sand Eraser

The particles used to make this eraser are coarser so it can also be used to remove pen ink. Compared to deleting writing, this eraser is more often used to delete images by illustrators or designers.

Kneaded Eraser

This is a special eraser to erase images because it has soft properties, so it is usually squeezed and made soft to use it. This type of eraser is more often used to disguise pencil scratches in the image. This eraser melts easily when stored in hot temperatures.

Another Rubber Eraser

This type of eraser is usually found on the top of the pencil and is hard. It is usually brick red or orange. This eraser is suitable for removing graphite at the top of the paper.

Because the eraser has various types and materials, you should be able to choose the most appropriate eraser. Here are some things you should consider before buying an eraser.

  • Choose those that are not easily broken so they can last long. Usually eraser that has this advantage is an eraser whose material is flexible or hard.
  • Easy to use so there is no need to put too much pressure to erase. If it is too hard to erase, it can tear the paper.
  • Does not have a lot of debris because the debris includes dirt from the object erased by you. Erasers like this can run out quickly.

Well, one of the erase brands that has advantages such as paper friendly, less debris, and can remove very cleanly is Standard.

The best eraser from Standard Pen comes with the name Pascola Colorful Eraser. Besides being able to erase very well, this eraser is made with various colorful colors that are not easily lost and suitable to be brought to school. With this eraser, all writing can be completely erased and clean.