Types of pens with its advantages and disadvantages

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Types of pens with its advantages and disadvantages



Pens are still widely used as a writing instrument.

Although many jobs can be typed directly on a laptop or computer, but there are some jobs that cannot be replaced and must be done with a piece of paper and a ballpoint pen. So, it would be wise for you to have a ballpoint pen and notebook that you can use anywhere and anytime.

There are so many types of pens and similar stationery which have different names but with the same purpose, such as pens, ballpoint pens, gel ink pens, and rollerballs. All types of pens have advantages and disadvantages of each that can be tailored to the needs and desires of its users.

Let’s find out what types of pens are on the market with their advantages and disadvantages below!


Ballpoints or commonly written ballpoint pens in Indonesian are the most commonly used types of pens, with round and blunt iron balls then at the end for the ink stored in a tube, and the ink is thick. Ballpoints are suitable for everyday work such as writing, drawing, and other writing needs.

The advantage of using this type of pen is that you can write smoothly and evenly. But if you are not careful like accidentally dropping, tapping or throwing this type of pen, the ink will dry out quickly and leak so that it can pollute your paper, hands or clothes.

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Pens with this type have water-based ink, so the level of concentration is lower. Ink rollerball pens flow faster than other types. Therefore, the tip has a smaller and smoother ball, making your writing usually thinner.

Usually the color choices of this type of pen are more varied, for example blue, red, and so on. Writing with this pen does not require a lot of energy so it makes the hands comfortable. One of the disadvantages of this pen is that the ink that is too liquid can make writing arise and penetrate behind the page of the paper written.


Inside a pen, there is an ink storage, so that this type of pen can be easily refilled using a pipette. You can also replace and adjust the tip of this pen with the line size you want. This penis usually more expensive than the other.In general, official pens are used only for important purposes such as signing contracts, official meetings, and so on.

Gel Ink Pens

Inks made of gel are thick and on the surface tend to bubble. A pen with this ink dries slower, so it is not suitable for too many writing purposes. Bright and varied ink colors make this pen type often used for writing needs that can help its users to be creative.

Those types of pens have their own advantages and uses that is suitable to your needs. However, other than considering the pen type before writing, you also have to consider the pen brand that you will use. There are several famous pen brands that you can choose from, one of them is the Standardpen.

Ballpoint pen from StandardpenIndonesia has excellent quality, but still comes at an affordable price for the community. Some of the advantages that you should note from the Standard Pen are the anti-stuck ink, lots of choices, and thick ink. Not only that, you can easily find Standard Ballpoint Pen throughout Indonesia.

The quality of a good ballpoint pen accompanied by affordable prices makes Indonesian Standardpen the Indonesian people’s choice ballpoint pen for more than 3 decades.