Various Coloring Tools with Its Advantages and Disadvantages

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Various Coloring Tools with Its Advantages and Disadvantages


Just like stationery in general, coloring tools have so many types with diverse uses. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Coloring tools are not just colored pencils or crayons because there are other types of coloring tools. Find out the various coloring tools below.


Crayon is made from a mixture of oil, wax and chalk. This kind of combination makes the crayon hard and thick in shape. So the color is very striking for coloring and there is a feeling like you are holding a normal candle. The advantages of crayons are bright colors, easy to use, and able to color a wider area. However, it is very difficult to color small images and sometimes make the colors go off track.

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Colored pencils

This coloring tool is the most basic and is usually used by children to color in school. Made of a mixture of various ingredients such as wax, carboxymethyl cellulose, kaolin, and so on. The advantages of color pencils are that it has a small tip so it is easy to use, especially for small and detailed images. Whereas coloring large areas requires patience.


Made of fine pigmented color powder mixed with honey or arabic gum to make it thick. The advantages of watercolor are bright colors and easy to use in simple drawings. The disadvantage is that you need expertise when using watercolor to paint on canvas.


The tip of the marker is soft because it is made of foam-like material. The function of the tip is to store ink that can evaporate when exposed to air. The advantage of this coloring tool is bright color while the shortcomings are quite wasteful especially for coloring large images, and it often off track.

Pastel Oil

At a glance, oil pastels are similar to crayons. The ingredients are also made of wax, but added with oil. Most oil pastels are hard-made so it is more suitable for teenagers or adults than children. One of the danger is that if pastel oil sticks to the hand, and it is exposed to mouths of children it can cause several problems. Therefore, if you are using oil pastels, it is better to wear gloves first.

But fortunately not all oil pastels like that, for example Pascola oil pastels from the Standard brand.