What is the meaning of HB, B, 2B and so on?

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What is the meaning of HB, B, 2B and so on?



When you go to school, even now you will often see people who buy and use 2B pencils.

Have you ever wondered why every activity that needs to use a pencil is always told to bring a pencil with the 2B code?

Of course there is a reason behind these rules. Is it because the writing will get better, or will the color be thicker? Let’s find out more about the meaning of pencil codes such as B, HB, 2B along with other pencil codes so that you can better understand the meaning of the code and why the 2B pencils are the most widely used.

What does the 2B pencil code mean?

2B pencils are often the choice for writing, drawing or filling out exam sheets at school. So that each brand has 2B pencils produced. Actually, what makes pencils with 2B code most often used? Is there any meaning in the 2B code? Here is the answer.

The numbers on the front of the letter B describe the level of blackness of the pencil you are using. Not only to distinguish the level of blackness of a pencil, but those names have their respective meaning.

In addition to the letter B, there are also letters H and F. All these letters have its own meaning. Letter H means Hardness. Pencils with this letter have a scale from H to 9H. Whereas F has no scale at all and is specifically used for writing.

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Well, the meaning of B is blackness or level of blackness produced by graphite found in pencils. The sequence starts from letter B to HB, then 1B, and continues in sequence up to 9xxB and 10B. So if a pencil has a 2B code, it means the pencil is at the 2nd blackness and smoothness level. If you use only 1B or B pencils, the results will be thinner than if you use a 9B pencil.


For daily activities such as writing assignments and school exams, then the blackness of a pencil is too thin or thick,it will make the results not suitable. It is different if used for drawing because various types of pencils produce different sharpness in an image


Where is the origin ofthe difference in blackness?

The origin of the black scale and hardness ofa pencil are from the main elements of the pencil, which is a mixture of clay and graphite. With the difference in ratio, users can choose to use pencils according to their needs more easily. The blacker the color of a pencil means the more the amount of graphite and vice versa.


It’s just not that every brand of pencil that produces 2B will have the best scratches. We as users must be careful to choose not only the types but also the brands of 2B pencils or with other thickness. One of the proven quality 2B pencil brands is Standard. Yes, Standard which is also famous as a pen brand also has other stationery such as 2B pencils, color pencils, erasers, and etc.


Standard 2B Pencils has Happy Pencil and Happy Junior. Happy Pencil has the ability to pass scanners and computers, black color, and good for sketching. While Happy Junior is suitable for children, strong, and has a larger size.


By choosing a qualified 2B pencil, the results of your writing will also increase.