About Standardpen

In the last two decades, Standardpen, an original Indonesian company, succeeded in becoming the market leader of stationery company in Indonesia. Standardpen has made it through every challenge faced and is experiencing rapid growth for almost 50 years.

Started from a trading company that only produces ink refill in 1971, at that time, Standardpen was the first and largest refill maker company in Indonesia.
In 1986, for the first time ever, Standardpen launched a whole intact ballpoint product under the leadership of Mr. Megusdyan Susanto as the second generation and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Standardpen produces ballpoint pens with a concentrated ink called Oil Gel which allows users to feel light-weighted while writing and will not get tired by using it. The metal ball are also made with tungsten carbide technology that produces a stable metal ball which rotates perfectly so that it resulted in a smooth writing.

Standardpen’s products quality is equivalent to any world class stationary product and has cut through the export markets to several countries including Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and the United States.